Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When you're alone

"I came here to tell you something. I even wrote it on my hand so that when you were listening i knew i wouldnt forget what i wanted to say."

These are mine. They look more like the appendages of an amphibian and more like a character from A Mid Summer Nights Dream than feet. If I sit in a meditating position with my legs and crumple up my big toe with my fingers and look at my very long toe from the side - the tip-top metatarsal is very fleshy underneath and looks just like a very very very small E.T. I wanted to wrap it with a tiny doekie and draw a face on the toe-tip and take a picture of it and show you but i cant find a pen. I have the exactly the same shaped feet as my mom, who has exactly the same shaped feet as her mom who has exactly the same feet as her mom. So I assume that there is some gene embedded in our DNA somewhere that is responsible for this rule. A strong gene no doubt. A martyr gene. A noble gene. A disillusioned gene. A stubborn gene. A loyal gene. A strategic gene. A Voortrekker gene.
I mean, this particular shaped foot must have been the result of some union, somewhere down the line. I wonder how many generations ago that happened and how much longer this super-spartan-six-pack gene will keep fighting, and winning.

Food for thought.


Famke said...

gash... those toes.. it reminds me of the night, in grade 10, when we lay in bed with the mozerella and lays...

did your toes have any special appearance that night? why do i think of that when i see them?

cactus the saviour said...

i think what is was was the finget entering frame from the left. could have been my toe, i suppose. could only have been funnier.