Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When you're alone

"I came here to tell you something. I even wrote it on my hand so that when you were listening i knew i wouldnt forget what i wanted to say."

These are mine. They look more like the appendages of an amphibian and more like a character from A Mid Summer Nights Dream than feet. If I sit in a meditating position with my legs and crumple up my big toe with my fingers and look at my very long toe from the side - the tip-top metatarsal is very fleshy underneath and looks just like a very very very small E.T. I wanted to wrap it with a tiny doekie and draw a face on the toe-tip and take a picture of it and show you but i cant find a pen. I have the exactly the same shaped feet as my mom, who has exactly the same shaped feet as her mom who has exactly the same feet as her mom. So I assume that there is some gene embedded in our DNA somewhere that is responsible for this rule. A strong gene no doubt. A martyr gene. A noble gene. A disillusioned gene. A stubborn gene. A loyal gene. A strategic gene. A Voortrekker gene.
I mean, this particular shaped foot must have been the result of some union, somewhere down the line. I wonder how many generations ago that happened and how much longer this super-spartan-six-pack gene will keep fighting, and winning.

Food for thought.

Monday, October 6, 2008

happy birthday

The past year was a navy blue year. and a bit of a brown year. with four dimentional specs of fluoro yellow and fluoro pink strewn and drizzled irregularly by a few prime and human newcomers. if you can imagine the past 365 days as rambling through a field of elephant grass, rooting out those rare plaited blades that have grown out of sight in perfect organic orchestration - then you'll know i mean. To happen on a new friend is like picking it and drying it and pressing it under a pile of really cool coffee table books to make sure that it lasts longer in your life.

In my head all the people i love look like a string of Guatamalan worry dolls. And if the microscopic space between my pillow and my sheet is my forever - thats where they'll be.
Then theres those people that were so there when you cried or when you couldnt sleep or when you ran out of ideas or when you were lonely that dont even know you exist. Some of my best friends will never know i'm alive. Worse still, the person who gives me the best advice is still six years old even though she was born in 1948 in ink on paper where she lives happily to this day. A summary from the endpages of the book; Meet ELOISE:


is a little girl
who lives at The Plaza Hotel
in New York.

She is not yet pretty
but she is already a Person.

Henry James would
want to study her.

Queen Victoria would
recognize her as
an Equal.

The New York Jets
would want to have
her on their side.

Lewis Carroll would love her
(once he got over the initial shock).

She knows everything about The Plaza.
She is interested in people when
they are not boring.

She has
Inner Resources.

If you take her home with you, you will
always be glad you did.

I loved reading this because I got to learn who Henry James is. and the NY jets. and i read a bit about lewis carrol. it made sense that i learnt something new while spending time with my girlfriend. friends are supposed to teach us all sorts of things. like my friend Lou Lou who teaches me about real coolness just by being Lou Lou. or my friend Andrew who teaches me about helping just by being Andrew. or my friend Daniel who teaches me about real brilliance just by Daniel. or my friend Leo who teaches me about fun just by being leo. or my boyfriend Geoff who teaches me about caring just by being Geoff.

Its someone out there's birthday today, so on behalf of whoever that may be and me: This entry goes out as a token of our thanks. in general.